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3/10/14 Dulari Amin CEO Phenomenon

March 10, 201484 min
Dulari Amin is the CEO and President of PHENOMENON. Dulari shares what it’s like to create a company surrounded by ever changing conditions, and how we can start something like this ourselves! PHENOMENON dreams, designs and architects innovations that create cultural phenomena. This is done on behalf of brands, entertainment networks, inventors, and any other entity that can benefit from becoming a part of consumer culture. PHENOMENON’s work manifests itself through cultural, digital, and experience innovations.

Can you imagine having an incurable ailment? It would be devastating. Emilie Davidson Hoyt received a gift from her father, turned it into a business that cured her condition, and ultimately gave way to her vision for success! A frequent business traveler, Emilie’s father would bring home soaps as a token of his trips. One lavender soap in particular eased her pain so much that she placed it beneath her pillow every night to help her sleep. It was with this discovery that she gained an interest in natural healing products and the desire to share this knowledge to help others. Before long, interest turned into action, and Emilie started LATHER as a small line of pure olive oil-based soaps. The soaps quickly gained a cult following, and the company soon grew from a two person operation into a full-fledged business offering more than 100 products for the body, face, hair, and home. Today we learn about Emilie’s incredible story, and how she was able to solve two problems with just one stone!

Andy Abramson calls in to give our callers tips and tricks to all things Tech in the business world!

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