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#316 Jim Kwik (Founder SuperheroYou)

September 17, 201383 min
September 18, 2013 (Business Rockstars) Ken defines the difference between being smart versus having a high IQ. Why is reading every day so important? And can sharing your goals with your friends really make you more likely to succeed? Advertising genius and co-founder of Walton Isaacson, Aaron Walton, reveals what it really takes to make your business stand out. He expounds upon the importance of advertising as storytelling that touches people’s emotional core and about celebrating the lifestyles of the consumer. Is there a difference in the way advertising targets individuals from generation X versus generation Y? Jim Kwik, founder of SuperheroYou, gives some quick tips to remember and utilize the knowledge you have to bring your business to the next level. How can we use motivation, observation, and mechanics to increase learning and memory potential? Kwik gives exclusive content and access at for Business Rockstars listeners.

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