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3/25/14 Keith Chambers, Chambers Group

March 25, 201481 min
Keith Chambers has assisted more than five hundred goods and service providers in formulating their marketing approach, including Clorox, Del Monte, Campbell’s, Coppertone, Arm &Hammer, Sparkletts, Hormel, Scotch-Brite, and Equal.
He has helped brands as varied as Claritin and the Miss America Pageant develop and convey their product message to the consumer.
The firm began as a successful package design studio for brands such as Coca Cola Foods, Van de Kamps, and Minute Maid.

The world could use more Kathryn Finneys! Kathryn reaches into the urban community to help entrepreneurs get their business started, and now you get to learn from on the industries best! Kathryn Finney is the founder and Managing Director of digitalundivided (DID), a social enterprise which develops programs that increase the participation of urban communities, especially women, in the digital space. DID’s programs have reached over 4 million people. In 2013, Kathryn received the Champions of Change Award from The White House for her working in increasing inclusiveness in tech.

Do you want to create a business that wow's the customer, indulge their senses, and leaves them begging for more?! The brainchild of Nancy Truman, f?nuts debuted in August ’11 with a mission to elevate the coffee and donut experience into loftier and tastier realms. Baked and/or steamed and never fried, f?nuts replicate the donut taste you know and love, but give it a modern spin, featuring gluten-free and vegan options alongside traditional varieties. With an aversion to fryer oil and a focus on natural ingredients, Lucas and Truman accentuate the deliciousness of every f?nut bite. Nancy and Waylynn help our listeners open their mind to ideas on the "fringe!"

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