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#346 Dennis Fountaine

October 30, 201384 min
October 29th 2013 (Business Rockstars) - Ken explains the value in business mentors and what it takes to "Know your Business". Rob Ford, founder of The Creative Mind Group enlightens us on the world of Film. Dennis Fountaine talks inventions, and David Michail gives callers legal advice on all things business. Rob Ford is the Founder and CEO of The Creative Mind Group (CMG). CMG was founded in 2004, creating a platform that allows college students to break into entry-level positions in the film industry. He joined Ken today to talk about his company, how you get started in the film industry, and chimed in on our company tagline segment. Dennis Fountaine has been conceptualizing, researching, developing and licensing new products and technologies since 1984. Dennis formed ROCKET SCIENCE LABS to conceive, research, develop, prototype, exploit and license his new product concepts. He stopped by and talked about his incredible inventions, the struggles he went through, and discusses his company Rocket Science Labs. And as always David Michail gives us invaluable legal advice. He talks about Patents and Trademarks, what steps do you need to take to successfully patent/trademark your product?

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