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#351 Howard Leonhardt (Cal-X Stars)

November 6, 201385 min
November 6th 2013 (Business Rockstars) – Is arguing with your business partner a bad thing? How well do you understand Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)? Is crowd-funding the future of not just raising money, but gaining resources? Find out now! Today’s guests – Gordon and Courney Nichols-Gould, founded SmartyPants. SmartyPants are the makers of the first and only All-in-One gummy vitamin. A Venice, CA based company, each of their great tasting gummies contain a full multivitamin + over 100% RDI Vitamin D and an excellent source of Omega3 DHA & EPA fatty acids. Gordon and Courtney swung by the studio, they shared the ups and downs of starting a business with your wife/husband. Also joining us is Howard J. Leonhardt. In 2010 Leonhardt founded and to link foreign buyers with California exporters with built in links to multiple choices for customer financing. Leonhardt passionately believes Exports Create Jobs! Howard talks about his many businesses, how he stays on track, and just how difficult it can be to raise money for your company.And finally David F. Michail calls in to give callers fantastic legal advice on all things business. This week topic, Non Disclosure Agreements.

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