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#386 Howard J. Leonhardt (WorldMed)

December 27, 201384 min
Gordon Gould, Co-founder and Co-CEO SmartyPants Vitamins, has worked in the digital media and internet industry for over 16 years. Gordon has co-founded several companies in the consumer social media space and was founding CEO of both, the world’s first mobile social network, and, the largest independent social shopping platform. Gordon has worked closely with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, technologists, content providers, marketers, non-profits, and consumers/users to help create compelling, useful services.

Courtney Nichols Gould, Co-founder & Co-CEO, SmartyPants Vitamins has worked in, around and with startups almost her entire career. Having most recently served as COO of Clear, the first fast pass for airport security, from its inception through its successful launch and beyond, she previously served as interim CEO of, president of and still serves as an advisor, investor and board member for various stage start-ups.

Howard J. Leonhardt Founder of Leonhardt Ventures, is a serial entrepreneur. In 1986 he founded WorldMed originally as an export trading company helping small manufacturers of cardiovascular medical devices to reach international markets and later (1988) as a developer, manufacturer and seller of original devices for treating heart and cardiovascular disease. Leonhardt has 17 U.S. patents for his inventions related to treating cardiovascular disease including; cardiovascular balloon catheters, artificial lung, a non-surgical placed heart valve, radiation catheters, specialized electronic pacemakers, biological pacemakers, cell delivery catheters, aortic stents grafts, stem cell treatment methods for heart failure and a method of converting stem cells to heart muscle cells

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