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#395 Howard Marks (Activision)

January 7, 201481 min
James Morel Founder of .
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Howard Marks is Co-Chair of Start Engine and CEO of Gamzee. Howard is an incredibly successful technology entrepreneur that has worked with a number of companies specializing in the video game, online gaming, social gaming and internet education industry. He is also working as the CEO of Gamzee, a company he founded in April 2011 with the stated goal of disrupting the gaming industry by making games that anyone can play anywhere, anytime, and on any device. In 2005, Howard founded Acclaim Games. After its acquisition by Playdom, he became head of the Acclaim studio and Sr. VP, Strategic Planning at Disney Interactive Media Group. Howard got his start in 1983 while a student at the University of Michigan. In 1991 as a co-founder, member of the board of directors and Executive Vice-President of Activision,
Howard helped turn a brand that was largely viewed as dead weight into the leading powerhouse of the video game industry.

Walter W. Grieves has extensive experience in the finance and corporate sectors amassed over the last 17 years. Upon completing his undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, Walter went to work for Research Magazine/Multex Data Group where he managed the International Investor Relations Division. Mr. Grieves then went to work for Morgan Stanley spending time between the Wailuku Maui Branch and the World Trade Center location in New York City. Further looking to expand his experience in the securities industry, Mr. Grieves partnered with a group of Securities Attorneys structuring, capitalizing and restructuring small publicly traded companies. Mr. Grieves is pleased to serve ROC integrating corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and professional organizations into the largest open source workspace solution in the greater Los Angeles area.

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