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# 407 Ken Dubner Mind Trainer

January 23, 201485 min
Known as “the Hypnotists Hypnotist,” Ken Dubner is a hypnotherapist, life coach, educator, and speaker. He has been involved in training hundreds of Certified Hypnotherapist in the United States. Ken is certified behavioral hypnotherapist and master hypnotist, and has been filmed by HBO documentaries, Discovery Science Channel, Discovery Health Channel, American TVs EXTRA, and the Armed Forces Network.

Richard “Ribbs” Gibbs is an American film composer and music producer whose credits include the films Sweet Hearts Dance, Dr. Dolittle, Big Momma's House, The Book of Stars, Queen of the Damned and the television series Battlestar Galactica. Gibbs was the keyboard player for the New Wave band Oingo Boingo from 1980 to 1984. He was also a session player, performing on over 150 albums for artists as diverse as War, Tom Waits, Boy Meets Girl, Living in a Box, Robert Palmer, and Aretha Franklin. He also started with Michael Jochum the band Zuma II, which had an eponymously titled record released by Pasha/CBS Records. He has appeared live with Korn, The Staples, Chaka Khan, and Oingo Boingo.

Growing up in a cultural Gumbo pot outside Paris, France, Evyn Charles was immersed in the sounds of the world. He played violin in a classical orchestra, bass in a Reggae band, and has never stopped singing… Right out of high-school, he played music at Club Med™ resorts, starting to refine what would turn into his trademark Soulful Beach Groove style. Following in the footsteps of Van Morrison, Bob Marley and Eva Cassidy, he combines infectious party songs with heart-tugging numbers. His prodigious repertoire covers practically every genre and era, or as he likes to explain: “I play songs that people like.”

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