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#413 Dave Asprey Bulletproof Executive

January 31, 201481 min
Scott Griffiths is an adjunct professor of marketing who teaches International Marketing to graduate students at Pepperdine University and has taught New Products Development at the business school at Chapman University, and business modeling to senior product designers at Art Center College of Design. Having led or been on the leadership team of more than twenty startups; and, having created, launched and built more than 100 products and brands, Professor Griffiths brings exacting and realistic real world experience to the classroom.

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, speaker and computer security expert, Dave Asprey spent 15 years and $300,000 to hack his own biology. Along the way, he crated an early cloud computing service at the first web hosting company and ran strategic planning for two public companies. He splits his time between helping others upgrade themselves with coaching and on The Bulletproof Executive, and serving as Trend Micro's head cloud computing tech evangelist.

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