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4/18/14 Jay Samit President ooVoo

April 18, 201481 min
Business Rockstar listeners do not miss this interview! The cream of the crop when it comes to business. Mr. Pulier joins Ken in studio to give you the tools you need to succeed! Entrepreneur, writer, public speaker, and founder of over fifteen companies, Pulier has raised 700 Million dollars + for ventures he has founded or co-founded : Media Platform (; SOA Software (; Desktone (; ServiceMesh (; and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council ( In Addition Mr. Pulier is an investor in several start ups in media and technology, as well as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (

We all grew up using the ever so popular red plastic cups. You know, the ones you constantly keep forgetting to pick back up and bring with you at a super bowl party! It can be a nightmare for the host of the party. They are the ones that have to pick up all the dirty, sticky red cups at the end of the day. Enter Mitchell Arvanites and Alex Feig, the geniuses that decided to take product and make it better! Lil Reds are exactly the same as your normal red plastic cups, EXCEPT they are made out of much more durable and re washable plastic! Don't ever throw away another red plastic cup again! Today these two fill us in just how they did it, and how you can do something like this yourself!

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