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4/24/14 AKON, Famous Musician

April 24, 201480 min
As soon as you hear Akon's voice you know it's him.

His shimmering, soulful voice has propelled countless hits across genres-from pop and R&B to hip hop and dance. In addition to his own chart-dominating singles "Smack That" and I Wanna Love You", he's made a staggering 300 guest appearances for icons including Michael Jackson, Lady gaga, Gwen Stefani, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly & Eminem. With 35 million albums sold worldwide, five Grammy Award nominations, and 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs under his belt, he's simply unstoppable. Once Akon reached the top, he went even further landing on a global path set for his fourth full-length album and latest opus 2012's Stadium (Universal Republic Records).
Work, work, work! This is ingrained into our psyche almost from birth. But what happens after you start a family? How in the world do you make the two co-exist? Michelle Waters is an experienced senior executive, consultant, integrated work/life/family facilitator and coach. While serving as SVP for her primary client, she spearheaded a B to B multilingual dependent care service globally, managed Fortune 100 international accounts and led a cross-cultural expansion project across four continents. Now she helps our listeners find a balance between the two most important aspects of your life!

Funk music artist Cliff Beach has been performing live for more than ten years in Los Angeles. The Berklee-trained singer/songwriter/keyboardist and DC native has created a style of music he coins as "Nu-funk", a hybrid of soul, traditional R&B, funk and neo-soul which he performs regularly throughout Southern California. Last summer, Cliff released the highly anticipated "Who the Funk is Cliff Beach?" EP, independently, which was nominated for three LA Music Awards including "Record of the Year" and one Hollywood Music in Media award. Cliff also received national press in a featured live review in Music Connection Magazine in Nov. 2013 and was freatured performer at Tedx Napa Valley in March 2014. Cliff will be releasing an unplugged EP this summer entitled, "Stripped Down and Unplugged". For more on Cliff and his music please visit

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