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5/13/14 Jeff Smith CEO JS2 Communication

May 13, 201480 min
Jeff's extensive experience in corporate branding, crisis communications and communications strategies makes him a leading figure in the industry for helping companies achieve their corporate goals and then solidifying their niche. He has worked with some the country's best known consumer brands including Starbucks Coffee Company, Jamba Juice, ArcLight Cinemas and Envite Postmark, and has been a key principle in developing, launching and publicizing exceptionally well-known and successful products.

As a previous image-maker in Hollywood for over 22 years, Marla designed traditional media campaigns for her celebrities, bringing visual and performing artists to the masses. Her strategy today translates into coaching your unique charisma and essence through a confident, bold sexy brand that converts to well-matched clients & higher revenues. She inspires and coaches you to live a Six Sensory Abundant Life & Brand that integrates with ALL of who you are.

Creator of Level Up Adventure

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