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5/16/14 Forest Cassidy CEO LeadFerret

May 16, 201481 min
Forest has built numerous companies in the B2B data space over the past 12+ years. By allowing easy access to complete information for tens of millions of business contracts at no cost is the latest in a series of disruptive B2B data companies. In 2002 Forest helped change the industry forever when he launched ProspectDB and started compiling the earliest known B2B email lists that could be purchased. At that time marketers could only rent email lists, but ProspectDB pioneered this new space and remains a leader in the industry 12 years later. Forest graduated with a degree in economics from Pepperdine University in 1998 and speaks regularly on B2B sales and marketing topics.

Jonah, a native of Washington D.C., is an avid golfer and beach volleyball player. Jonah has been golfing for over 20 years, he has an extensive background in digital marketing and has been an entrepreneur for the past 12 years working with ad agencies, brands and small businesses to implement

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