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5/2/14 Nolan Bushnell Founder, Atari

May 2, 201480 min
Nolan Bushnell, inventor of Pong and founder of Atari, is rightly considered the father of electronic gaming. Growing up in Utah in the 1940's, Bushnell had a childhood typical of a budding inventor: his early inspirations include a third-grade science project on electricity; his early setbacks include nearly burning down his family's garage with a homemade liquid-fuel rocket mounted on a roller skate. In tome, Bushnell began to show his talent for business as well: at age 15 when his father died, he took over his concrete business. Bushnell's career plans gelled while he was attending the University of Utah. At the time, he was learning the basics of computer graphics, while managing an amusement park and playing tournament chess on the side!

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