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June 17, 201481 min
Matt Sapaula, is a financial coach with the goal of redefining his clients' future by giving them the information, tools and guidance they need to take charge of their finances and create a better life. For over a decade he has proactively educated the community in financial strategies, helped clients identify hidden assets and encourages his audience to turn missed opportunities into second chances.

Matt began his career in the financial services industry by working at a large brokerage firm in southern California in transition from active-duty service in the United States Marine Corps. In the Marines, Matt's dedication to his country, his unit, and his duties propelled him to become a decorated military veteran while serving in Somalia, Africa, through Asia and the Persian Gulf. This time also gave him the values, discipline and drive that he brings to the financial services industry.

Julie Bombacino understands the needs and concerns of the caretakers and customers she serves.


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