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7/11/14 Craig Ellins Medical Marijuana

July 11, 201481 min
Craig Ellins has a varied and impressive business background. He has spent more than 30 years discovering emerging trends and creating start-ups, from being a pioneer in companies offering 24-hour live shopping networks, to developing one of the internet's first streaming video business opportunities. He has launched new products via domestic and international television direct response advertising, including the successful Pilates Performer, BioFlex, Nature's Vision and the Voit Ab Roller. Ellins has been sought out for strategic planning by well-known companies, including NetCom, AT&T, Time Warner Inc., K-Tel International, Fingerhut Corporation, Guthy-Renker, Simitar Entertainment, and Stamina Products. Most recently, Ellins has been developing technology and trade secrets central to the production of cannabis of the variety and type that will support the legal purposes of cannabis that now exist in various states.

Ellins is currently the CEO & Chairman of GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc

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