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7/22/14 Keith Chambers CEO Chambers Grp.

July 28, 201481 min
Keith Chambers has assisted more than five hundred goods and service providers in formulating their marketing approach, including Clorox, Del Monte, Campbell’s, Coppertone, Arm &Hammer, Sparkletts, Hormel, Scotch-Brite, and Equal.

He has helped brands as varied as Claritin and the Miss America Pageant develop and convey their product message to the consumer.

The firm began as a successful package design studio for brands such as Coca Cola Foods, Van de Kamps, and Minute Maid.

In 1988, when Sega approached him for assistance with their package design image for a new high-powered home video game platform. When told the company had yet to name their product, Keith saw an opportunity. His group created the brand Sega Genesis; by its second year, Sega Genesis was exceeding $500 million in sales.
Considered unorthodox by many, The Chambers Group has brought originality to their marketing approach.

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