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8/13/14Tom Patterson CSC DigitalSecurtiy

August 13, 201481 min
A highly acclaimed security expert, published author, and keynote speaker who provides compelling insight into cyber security issues of the day, Tom Patterson provides clarity while delivering a high energy view into security that is of critical importance today. Patterson shares his insights and incredible knowledge on an area a lot of us either don't know about, or is just to confusing to understand. If you have any questions regarding internet security do not miss this compelling interview! Currently CSC's Global GM for Cybersecurity Consulting, Tom has run security services for Deloitte in EMEA, was IBM's Chief eCommerce Strategist and a venture-backed founder/CEO. Tom has worked on security for the launch of a nuclear aircraft carrier and space shuttle as well as for the U.S. Government and plus businesses around the world. The author of Mapping Security, Tom is a frequent guest security expert on TV including CNBC and CNN.

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