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8/6/14 Patrick Rettig CEO Rettig Corp.

August 6, 201481 min
Patrick Rettig is the story, an exposé of a man who is absolutely the last stop for a business owner in financial turmoil. This particular time in the life of an entrepreneur is the quintessential heartbreak of dreams and hope. One would think that financial decisions had been made that were incorrect, that alliances had been broken or that the economy had shifted. Moreover the uncomfortable thinking is that the corporation and its founder were simply a bad deal. The word bankruptcy and reorganization are ghostly specters in the night for those people who must embrace failure. There have been successes in the past but now they seem to be only a memory. Money is a threat because it is only represented in bills that are impossible to pay. At this point catastrophic end is real. The thought of losing one’s livelihood and quality of life is accurate and eminent. There is a man, however, who is not afraid of insolvency or the demons that walk in that mindset. Rettig is the name that will ab

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