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Benny Luo Founder and CEO of NextShark

January 14, 201681 min
Benny Luo is the Founder of web properties and His expertise lies in content marketing, PR, and social media marketing. He has worked with various brands including Billboard, MGM, and McDonalds.
An ADHD-inflicted serial entrepreneur and internet marketer, he prides himself on thinking up new business ideas, getting excited about them, then realizing someone is already doing it — and then getting back to work. He is terrible at writing self bios.
It is said that Generation Y is the most entrepreneurial generation of our time. With the increasing availability of business resources on the internet, launching a startup is easier than ever. We’re here to be on the cusp of this movement.
NextShark is an online magazine redefining success, by millennials, for millennials. Our mission is to offer a fresh take on the business lifestyle, entrepreneurship and personal growth, while spotlighting current and rising leaders set on following their passions to chan

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