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Co-Founders of Pacific Issue

September 17, 201581 min
We used to live in a world of boring, baggy, blue shirts. Where the neck might fit but the waist billows out to form a muffin top. Where the arms might be perfect but the chest is too snug. In short, a boring ass world filled with blobby amorphous shirts. We now exist in a happy land somewhere in between urban lumberjacks and stuffy corporate types. A land of sunshine and gumdrops where all button-downs fit perfectly and express your innermost awesome. Your special snowflake uniqueness. To ensure this, we take 9 measurements instead of generically sizing you up. We’ve scoured the Earth looking for the perfect quality materials, sought out expert tailors to craft our hand-picked fabrics, and battle tested our shirts with discerning men from all walks of life. Join us in our quest to rid the world of boring shirts! Before we move on to solving bigger problems like separating the space-time continuum and getting the crud out from under your fingernails.

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