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Growing your Business w/ Rahul Sonnad!

November 5, 201481 min
Eric Galen, Upright LA - Eric helps innovators and creators build and grow businesses. He focus on media, digital influencers, e-commerce, technology, and startups. Representative clients and collaborators include Sony, DirecTV, Warner Bros., Imagine Entertainment, Disney, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Fullscreen,Science, Hello Society, DanceOn, Channel Factory, DigiTour, InstaBrand, Viddy, Eventup, Wittlebee, Column Five Media, Citrusbyte, Slate Studio,Gwyneth Paltrow, Perry Farrell,, Jack & Jack, David Babaii, David Copperfield and many others.

As a partner at Counsel LLP, Galen primarily represent influencers, growing media and technology companies, MCNs, and entrepreneurs. Our team functions as general strategic counsel, often helping clients find and close new business opportunities and partnerships.

Mentor: Rahul Sonnad gives our Protege great tips and tricks to improve his business!

Protege: Samuel Strasser

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