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Jolina Li Founder & CEO of Buzzy Booth

March 11, 201681 min
My name is Jolina, and I'm an entrepreneur. Growing up, I've learned that with combination of perseverance and hard work, great things can happen. Entrepreneurship is my passion, I enjoy taking an idea and bringing it to life because nothing is more satisfying seeing your idea end up in the mass market hands. I grew up in the restaurant industry and after hearing countless restauranteurs complain about the difficulties of connecting with their customers. I knew there had to be a better way to help restaurants promote and engage with their customers. My company is BuzzyBooth, a social media photo station that helps businesses and brands engage with their customers more effectively. The increased online presence and promotional caption will help businesses increase sales and decrease marketing costs. I would love to have everyone turn to BuzzyBooth for any photo marketing needs.

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