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Kris Finstad Founder and CEO of ContentChecked

November 30, 201581 min
Kris Finstad is the Founder, CEO, President and Director of Los Angeles based corporation Content Checked Holdings Inc. (ContentChecked). Since 2014, ContentChecked has served as a fast, reliable, and efficient mobile application that helps consumers make empowered purchasing decisions in accordance with their dietary preferences. Previously, Kris has been an Investor, Chairman and Senior Principal owner of FimBul Capital, a UK based offshore fund. He is Co-founder of CheckContent AS, Norway, a Scandinavian branch of the food allergy application company. Kris has also co-founded and funded several startups in the technology, real estate and the bio-tech fields and holds several board member positions with various organizations.

Permanently located in Los Angeles, Kris originally hails from Norway and earned his International Baccalaureate (IB) from Lundsberg Skola and a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) from Millfield School in England. Additionally, he also holds an

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