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Kristen Hamilton CEO and Co-Founder of KORU

September 22, 201581 min
Kristen Hamilton is CEO of Seattle-based Koru, the leading talent marketplace focused on landing college grads in jobs they love.

Kristen Hamilton had spent half of her career in technology, half in education. In the spring of 2013, she was looking for a way to combine the two. She and a friend got talking one night over drinks about the problems with the way companies hire young talent. Something was broken. Companies were struggling to fill seats because they were screening for the wrong things and whip-smart young grads were facing underemployment in record numbers.

Before serving as Koru’s CEO, Kristen worked as COO of a global non-profit, launched mobile media devices for a Fortune 100 company, and helped take Onvia, which she co-founded, public. My first job after college was as a market analyst for a hydraulics distributor. I’m an entrepreneur and globalist, determined to make meaningful impact. My first career was in technology where I worked on taking products to market for

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