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Mark Waldrep President and CEO of AIX Media Group

December 17, 201581 min
ABOUT MARK WALDREP, PH.D. Founder and President of the Pacific Coast Sound Works in 1989, he developed software tools and techniques that established PCSW as the preeminent digital media service bureau for the most prominent software developers and publishers in the CD-ROM multimedia industry. PCSW clients include Warner New Media, Spectrum Holobyte, Broderbund, Rocket Science, Virgin Interactive, Disney Interactive, and The Learning Company. As a recording and mastering engineer with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Waldrep has repeatedly demonstrated his unique ability to embrace both the technical and creative aspects of the recording industry. In 1994, he was experimenting with technologies and interactive designs that could integrate the record business with the emerging multimedia industry. His innovative idea to place music videos, interviews, liner notes, and web connectivity on a standard audio CD resulted in the birth of the “i-Trax enhanced CD” format. His trademark “i-Trax”

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