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Matt Sinnott Founder and CEO of Creative Collision

September 23, 201581 min
Matt Sinnott founded Creative Collision after cutting his teeth as an account executive in the television promo world, where he worked on highly successful campaigns such as American Horror Story, OMG-Insider and The Hunger Games.

From his creation of Identity Videos and APP trailers to the production of promo campaigns for Social Media Week, Matt has a unique perspective on combining emerging technologies with storytelling. He has recently had the opportunity to work with such tech innovators as Entrepreneur, Start-Up Grind, Trep Score and Percolate. Creative Collision is a full-service digital content company specializing in the creation, production and execution of video content for a diverse group of clients, from emerging artists to established brands across all platforms.

Combining emerging technology and Hollywood storytelling we transcend traditional rules to reach your brand’s audience. It is exactly the moment when innovative thought and experience collide that meaningfu

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