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Mentoring with Tobi Skovron CEO Zingy

June 23, 201581 min
My friends and family say I’m cursed with Ambition, afflicted with initiative, dammed by an unquenchable drive for success… and more!

But that’s not my fault; I was merely born with and molded by my father’s highly successful entrepreneurial flair and zest for concept creation.

Chapter 1: PetLoo
I Founded Pup-Pee Solutions, a thriving Pet Product Manufacturing business that expanded globally through the commercial brand PetLoo. In February 2013 Pup-Pee was acquired by Radio Systems Corporation® and now sits under the umbrella of the PetSafe® group.

Chapter 2: Zingy
Zingy is on a mission to change the landscape of pet ownership. It really is about embracing the one-touch technological world we live in, and effectively combining that with the traditional pet care model, while bringing our own vibrant flair through our fun-loving and dedicated team of genuine animal lovers!

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