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Osei Gyamfi Founder and CEO of ChillHound

February 16, 201681 min
Recent Pepperdine MBA Graduate - Osei Gyamfi, is the Founder and CEO of, a party planning & group funding platform built for the sole purposes of simplifying and managing group event logistics all in one place. The project started as a result of many failed attempts of trying to gather friends for group events that required advanced payment or that required people to commit to potluck items. Osei knew that there had to be a better way to organize these event without taking the fun out of them due to the frustrations of planning. Him and his friends searched high and low for a platform that catered to their needs; however, the existing platforms fell short, and from there ChillHound was born. They've received seed funding, and are looking forward to their series A within the coming year. With over 3,000 users and a new beta on the way, they have a bright future ahead of them

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