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Scott Lahman Founder & CEO of textPlus

May 20, 201681 min
Scott Lahman is an entrepreneur and executive who anticipates and leads major trends in the video game and mobile industries. Scott is best known as founder of mobile gaming groundbreaker, JAMDAT Mobile, which he founded with Zack Norman and Austin Murray in March 2000 (long before games could even be played on most phones). JAMDAT not only became the industry’s runaway market share leader, but it also influenced many aspects of the app business as it exists today, including platform revenue splits, technology and deployment approaches, gameplay paradigms, and the platform SDKs themselves. In fact, the team at JAMDAT developed the first ever games for Apple’s iPod Click Wheel, a harbinger for what would come later with the iPhone and App Store. JAMDAT had a successful IPO in 2004, and was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2006 for $680 million.

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