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Tiara Cameron CEO of Womens Protein

February 12, 201681 min
Tiara Cameron is founder and CEO of Women's Protein, an organization dedicated to empowering women to embrace a lifestyle of building stronger bodies and body images, instead of depleting themselves to fit imaginary ideals. The daughter of a university professor, and one of the eldest in a family of seven children, she learned the value of building a strong body in her years of athletics and ballroom dancing. As a single mother of three exceptional children. Her message of Emancipation, not Emaciation has helped women recover from eating disorders, discover their inner athletes, and free themselves from harmful self-images that keep them from actively participating in the world. She is a corporate wellness consultant and a published author. She works with both male and female athletes who need to re-train after injuries, and focuses on a formula of building lean body strength to help them recover. Cameron is also a Director of Footsteps for Africa, an organization that builds schools a

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