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Tom Costa CEO & Founder of Dr. Jekyll's Organic Beer

October 8, 201581 min
Dr. Jekyll's is a truly unique and incredibly tasting organic craft beer brewed and infused with exotic spices and super foods to create a "truly odd, yet oddly delicious!" beer. Or as some would say, "beer with benefits" that tastes awesome! Born in Vermont, Brewed in California.

Dr. Jekyll’s was conceived in the heart of an old constable station turned brewery in Brattleboro, Vermont by three longtime friends united by their love of great beer and active, healthy lifestyles: Tom Costa, an avid home brewer, former paratrooper and entrepreneur, his high school friend Jimmy Triantafillou, a scientist and natural bodybuilder, and Ray McNeill, an award-winning master brewer. After Ray suffered a serious health setback, these friends were inspired to craft beers that not only tasted great, but had something special about them, something with a greater purpose - to be shared with the world - and so was born Dr. Jekyll’s.

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