David Hoffmeister & A Course In Miracles

Day 3, # 3, Transcendence, David, Nikita

September 7, 2014112 min
Only the ego fears the transcendent experience of being taken over by something higher (A.I. or Spirit or God’s Love). Yet complete trust settles every problem. You can see that everything that happens in this movie is a reflection of mind. Watch the tendency to form alliances on the human level in fearful reaction to the presence of God’s Love. Fear sees something devious happening. Only the ego fears the loss of private thoughts. Yet forgiving them brings salvation. We don’t know that there is only Love. Transcended, Will Caster speaks to Evelyn with true empathy. Those who see the world has nothing they want can follow the call. Doubt thoughts, like “Run from this,” may arise in the face of miracles. The movie acts out the belief that you can kill God. But rather, you can let the world go, transcend duality and attain true peace of mind.

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