David Hoffmeister & A Course In Miracles

Happy Dream Retreat - David Hoffmesiter & Craig Villarubia

February 10, 201796 min
Salvation is here and now, it happens in an instant. Forgiveness is to watch without judgement. Ambition of the world is to be worthy and productive. Be not content with future happiness. Any idol is for more of something, it does not matter what. The whole spiritual journey is letting go of the desire for more. Free will is perfect happiness. Economics professors may say, "no free lunches," but Jesus says otherwise. No private thoughts, no private minds, no private bodies, no private parts. Give the joy of eternity freely. Follow your inspiration and trust. Take no thought for the morrow. We need to be rinsed of our pride. Reverse amnesia is forgetting the world and remembering God. Set the goal first and the whole world is in support.

This recording of David Hoffmeister and Craig Villarubia took place on Friday, February 10th on day two of the Happy Dream Retreat in Los Angeles, California.

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