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Listen and Follow (with Precision!) - Movie Gathering

May 25, 201619 min
In terms of Awakening, Eagle Eye is a movie that goes all the way! The main theme is a very strict adherence to listening and following the Spirit's guidance. We see the rebelliousness in the mind to just listen and follow the instructions as they are given. It vividly portrays the truth that every time we do not choose Spirit we in fact are choosing death. But with this is the realization that to follow Spirit is where our true joy and inspiration is. This is true freedom! The movie also reminds us of our innocence and that the Son of God cannot die!

To experience this movie gathering with David, rent or purchase the movie "Eagle Eye" and then watch it along with this audio. The movie itself has been edited out of this audio, but you can use the instructions below to know when to pause the movie and hear David’s commentary in this audio.

1) Listen to the first 4:45 of this audio to hear the pre-talk. At this point in this audio you’ll hear a short snippet of the movie coming in, whi

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