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Monterrey Gathering - Una Sola Mente

February 27, 2017220 min

Push the reset button on your life and accept your One responsibility, the correction. No decisions count except for the correction. This acknowledgement is the beginning of true happiness. Our responsibility lies not in form, but in choosing our state of mind.

We must let Spirit convince us we are Love and Love does not possess. We're here to learn complete acceptance. Heavy responsibility comes with the belief in ownership but Christ does not own anything. Jesus said leave it all behind and follow me and to perceive the sameness in everyone as a Child of God. This is the undoing of the filter of good and bad. We perceive the world based on the meaning we give it. The guiltless mind cannot suffer, the Christ cannot be killed.


We are not at the mercy of the world, but of our thoughts and beliefs. If we want something from the world it will seem to want something from us. When the mind given to Spirit the world becomes more like a fairytale, with details

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