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"Passengers" Movie Talk - David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles

April 11, 2017143 min
"Passengers" is one of these rare deep metaphysical movies! It's beautiful because it allows for the development of the relationship. In some ways it parallels with the movie "Solaris" as it is a space movie and it's a movie where you see the relationship and all the thoughts right up front because there is not much else going on. And that's the best way to view it is to have no distractions to be able to see it straight on. Over all "Passengers" is a love story but the kind of love story that takes it all the way beyond time and space to something higher. Perhaps most people won't consider it a love story because of all the unconscious darkness that has to come up but it is more realistic in terms of Awakening because all the darkness has to clear out of the mind. So in that sense this movie is very helpful and practical.

This movie gathering with David Hoffmeister took place in Kamas, Utah on April 9, 2017.

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