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The Practice of True Prayer

May 1, 2015132 min
True prayer is described by Jesus in one of the two supplemental pamphlets that was scribed by Helen Schucman after she scribed A Course in Miracles. It is called The Song of Prayer and in this gem of a pamphlet, prayer is described as having many levels like rungs on a ladder which lead from the early forms of prayer to more advanced forms. The highest form of prayer, however, is what Jesus calls true prayer, and which involves a total willingness to "forget the things you think you need"(S-1.I.4.1). This type of prayer fits perfectly in line with his workbook lesson #24, "I do not perceive my own best interests". For in your complete willingness to forget the things you think you need, Heaven can finally be remembered. "You have sought first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else has indeed been given you." (S-1.I.3.6)

Dive deep into this Song of Prayer in your heart by listening intently to this talk of David's, recorded at the Light Center in North Carolina, April 25, 2015.

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