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"You Cannot Heal What is Not Real" - Movie Talk with David

November 25, 201663 min
On this Thanksgiving Day, David shows the movie "Searching for Sugarman" which is a "true story" about a very humble musician who became famous in South Africa without knowing it, and remains completely humble and at peace even after finding out.

At the beginning of this audio, David gives a very brief introduction to the movie, and then the rest of this audio is his after-movie commentary. Many beautiful ideas are discussed, including the idea that things in the world cannot get "better". We can let go of trying to heal the body, life situations, politics, or anything in this world, for as David poetically shared, "You cannot heal what is not real".

Rent and watch the movie "Searching for Sugarman" before listening to this talk, and be blessed with the many profound insights David shares here.

Recorded November 24, 2016 at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center in Kamas Utah.

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