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"You Can't Take It With You" Movie Discussion

December 29, 201639 min
(http://mwge.org) David shares the 1938 movie "You Can't Take it With You" with Jimmy Stewart and Lionel Barrymore. Here is the Spirit-inspired movie review from our online Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment (mwge.org):

This is a beautiful story demonstrating the ways of the Spirit in contrast to the ego thought of fear and separation. The Spirit, represented by Grandpa Martin Vanderhof, is steadfast and gently reminds that everything works to serve the greater good. In comparison the ego frets about its goals of status, money, power, and control, which is represented by A.P. Kirby, owner of Kirby & Company. Grandpa heads a fully spontaneous loving home where members follow their inspiration, find joy in collaboration and trust in Spirit to care for their needs. This home becomes a symbol of invitation to join with Spirit as a worker at Kirby & Co., Mr. Poppins leaves his unfulfilling old job to move in with the Vanderhofs and follow his heart.

Tony Kirby Jr., A.P. Kirby's son a

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