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Cyber Security Audits and Options for Your Law Firm

April 6, 201626 min
As technology continues to become ever more integrated into our
daily lives, the challenges that law firms face grow and evolve.
Many tech savvy clients are not only concerned with a lawyer's
ability to represent them but also their ability to protect their
files and privileged communications. With more instances of data
breaches and hacking being mentioned in the mainstream media, what
can a law firm do to shore up their cyber security?
In this episode of the Digital
Detectives, hosts Sharon Nelson and
John Simek sit down with LMG Security Founder and
Senior Security Consultant Sherri Davidoff to discuss cyber
security and the audits that are currently available for law firms.
Sherri gets the conversation started by breaking down some of the
more complex cyber security terminology into easy-to-understand
language. The group then ponders factors, such as the loss of
client data and law firms being hacked, that prompted this cultural
shift within the profession and some of the elements that made it
difficult for the industry to justify investing in cyber security
until now. The focus then shifts to an analysis of the options
available to law firms that are seeking to improve their security
standards and ways to prepare lawyers to better interact with
clients that might ask to see a firm’s cyber security audits.
Sherri then caps off the conversation with a discussion of risk
assessment, risk management, and how you present these plans to
your clients.

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