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What Law Firms Should Know About the FBI’s InfraGard Program

January 28, 201627 min
InfraGard, one of the longest running outreach associations, represents a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. Members include businesses professionals (including many law firm employees), people from academic institutions, and local participants who share their experience and expertise with the FBI to assist in crime prevention. In the recent climate of rampant cyber security issues, many in the private sector are better equipped to fight these cyber threats. So why is it important for lawyers to know about and potentially join InfraGard?
In this episode of Digital Detectives, Sharon Nelson and John Simek interview FBI special agent and InfraGard coordinator Kara Sidener about the way InfraGard works and why lawyers and other law firm professionals should be interested in joining this two-way information sharing platform.
Topics include:

The evolution of cybercrime
The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the private sector
Who joins InfraGard
How and why members are vetted
Benefits for IT professionals trying to secure law firm networks
Staying informed about clients’ intellectual property issues
Proactive programming and cross-sector collaboration
Free resource to provide info on terrorism and cyber threats

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