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DPR Presents THE DR. LOVE SHOW - Oct 23,2013

October 22, 2013120 min
whats better... love at first sight or not having sex til after marriage? does love really happen when you arent looking? or do people just get so thirsty that they take whatever will have them? should a person be forgiving or have strong boundaries? but what if it involves cheating? does cheating kill love or expose insecurities & a watered down loyalty? should people have rules for their mate to follow or just take em as they are ? if a person has a buncha rules does that make them a spoiled bitch? can you change an otherwise good mate into a great mate ? whats the secret weapon to change your mate (911 protocol) 7. better lover stereotypes: white women or black fat or skinny ugly or pretty poor or rich men: same questions

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