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Avoiding Disappointments in IVF

June 26, 20159 min
What are some tips to avoid disappointments in IVF?In vitro fertilization can be a tricky process.The new method of quick-freezing or sealing the egg in glass-like protection, is a technique less likely to disrupt the embryo. However, mature eggs are very delicate and egg freezing is a much more sensitive procedure than you might have thought.This procedure may take years before seeing if the thawed egg was actually successful.What are some tips to avoid disappointments in IVF?

Don't freeze your eggs at the wrong lab—they might not last.
Beware of scams... unfortunately there's no "how-to" manual; no "egg freezing for dummies."
A good IVF program doesn't mean a good egg-freezing program.

Angeline Beltsos, MD, joins Dr. Leigh to discuss IVF and how you can avoid IVF disappointments.

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