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Can Tai Chi Improve Your Physcial Capacity?

October 30, 20159 min
What is it about the practice of Tai Chi that makes it so beneficial to patients with chronic diseases?According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, roughly 100 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain.Research has shown that by practicing Tai Chi, it could be useful for older people that have several chronic pain issues.Tai Chi is used to self-heal by the slow and gentle movements that help boost muscle, power, balance and your posture.Researchers wanted to find out how effective Tai Chi was in patients that had long-term chronic conditions. Researchers looked at electronic research databases for relevant studies on Tai Chi.What did the researchers find?Researchers found that Tai Chi was associated with improvement in physical capacity and muscle strength.How else can Tai Chi work to fight chronic disease?Listen in as Darlene Reid, PhD, BMR shares how Tai Chi can help improve your physical capacity and how Tai Chi can help ease chronic pain.

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