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Can't Lose Weight? Learn to Let Go

July 10, 20159 min
Are emotional obstacles getting in the way of achieving your weight loss goals?From the moment you wake up, you might constantly be tempted by the foods surrounding you. Unfortunately, this can make sticking to your diet extremely difficult, especially if you've just recently switched up to a healthier lifestyle.You've likely heard it all... it's okay to eat unhealthy if you're working out, you can eat whatever you want in the morning and diet in the afternoon, weight loss is as simple as calories in and calories out.It's not that simple. Hunger and weight loss can be extremely complex. For example, research has shown that there are two kinds of hunger; physical and emotional. Surprisingly, the tougher one to conquer might be emotional.In fact, experts estimate that 75% of overeating is due to emotions.How can you learn to let go of your emotional obstacles and finally achieve your weight loss goals?Sheila H. Forman, PhD, discusses the emotional obstacles that might be getting in the way of you achieving your weight loss goals.

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