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Health Benefits of Vacation

December 11, 20159 min
Vacation is so important, that many companies are beginning to encourage their employees to use their vacation days.Numerous studies have shown that taking a vacation at least once a year is extremely beneficial for your overall health.Not only does it help relieve stress and give you adventure, but if you're someone who lives in areas where most of the winter months mean frigidly cold weather and gray skies, vacation can boost your mental health as well.Vacations are so important, that some companies, like Diamond Resorts, encourages their employees to take regular vacations in order to stay healthy and happy.Why are regular vacations important? And, what are the benefits of vacationing?Listen in as Patrick Duffy, Global Director of Vacations for Diamond Resorts International, shares why vacations are important for your overall health and why some companies encourage their employees to take vacations.

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