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Injuries From High Heels on the Rise

June 19, 20159 min
U.S. emergency rooms treated 123,355 high-heel-related injuries between 2002 and 2012.When you're dressing up for date night, or a fun night out with some friends, you may have a go-to pair of high heels that you want to wear. However, even though it's fashionable, you might be putting yourself at an increased risk for an injury.In fact, according to a new study, U.S. emergency rooms treated 123,3555 high-heel related injuries between 2002-2012. The Journal of Foot and Ankle Injuries reports that more than 80 percent of the high-heel injuries were to the ankle or foot. Slightly less than 20 percent involved the knee, trunk, shoulder, or head and neck.What kinds of injuries occur from wearing high-heels?The most common types of injuries that come from wearing high heels are sprains and strains in your ankle and foot. You may also have some discomfort, inhibits the movement in your ankle and foot, and can cause you to fall due to loss of balance.Gerald McGwin, MS, PhD shares why high heel injuries are on the rise and how women can protect themselves from getting hurt while wearing high heels.How can you wear high-heels without getting an injury?Gerald McGwin, MS, PhD discusses the recent increase in high-heel injuries and ways you can prevent them.

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