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Overuse Injuries More Common in Women

July 24, 20159 min
What are the top sports that would cause overuse injury, particularly in women.There's no denying the risk of an injury when you play a sport, especially a sport that requires bursts of energy, body contact, and a high endurance level.Head injuries like concussions from football and soccer seem to be the most common, but overuse injuries are just as common.According to a nationwide data study spanning 20 sports and six school years, women are more prone to overuse injuries, especially if they played sports in their teenage years.What are the sports that are most likely to cause overuse injuries in females?The study found that track and field, field hockey, lacrosse, and gymnastics saw more overuse injuries than any other sport, including male sports.Why are women more prone to overuse injuries?Dr. Timothy Hewett shares the recent study that shows females are more prone to overuse injury than males and why that may be.

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