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Toy Safety: What to Look Out For

December 5, 20149 min
Toys can make great gifts, but are they safe?If you have any children within your family, or are considering donating gifts to children for the holidays, you may know that toys make great presents.Toys are fun, but some can be dangerous to children if they are not used properly. For young children, you want to be mindful of giving small toys and toys with small parts. Young children are notorious for putting things in their mouth, ears, and nose. For older children, even though it may be on their wish list, bikes, skateboards, or other motor toys, safety is the most important priority.You may also want to be sure to read warning labels and toy instructions before allowing your child to play with the new toy.What are some other tips while buying toys for children?Some things to look out for is making sure the toy is not toxic and painted with a lead based paint, make sure the retailer you are buying from is legit, and checking certain websites like PIRG, for toys that are not safe for children.What else do you need to know about toy safety?Dr. Chuck Nozicka the most common injuries seen in the ER regarding toys and will offer advice so that kids stay safe this holiday.

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